The MANKAR-HQ is the successor of the Mini-Mantra. Aside from a new design, the HQ also has additional advantages and functions such as electronic atomiser and battery monitoring. All components are integrated into the housing and well protected. The units are extremely lightweight and well balanced. A carrying strap provides additional relief to the arms and back.

The MANKAR-HQ is the ultimate “all-rounders” for all applications and these models are particularly popular as a entry model for anyone wanting an introduction to ULV technology before switching to larger MANKAR-Roll and MANKAR-Drive spray systems for pushing or for attaching to/mounting on tractors.

How to use the MANKAR-HQ 45

How to use the MANKAR-HQ 45

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The ultimate all-rounder!

Spray hood: oval
Spray width: 15 – 45 cm, adjustable
No. of atomizers: 1
Metering: gravity/metering valve
Tank volume: 1 L
Surface coverage: up to 1 ha
Weight: 2.4 kg
Battery life: 8 h
Article no.: 103688

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