A wide array of models means optimally adjusted spraying systems for almost all possible applications, ranging from flower beds and paths right through to large-scale row cultivation, grasslands and industrial areas.

MANKAR® spraying systems are professional systems for effective, environmentally responsible and yet economical weed control with herbicides or herbicide mixtures without water.

They are based on ULV (ultra low volume) technology for optimum distribution of an extremely small amount of active product with an even droplet size.

This means that the amount of herbicide required can be considerably reduced, e.g. by up to 50% with Roundup® PowerFlex on cultivated areas and by up to 80% when using weed sensors on areas with patchy weeds.

Minimal herbicide usage, upto 50% savings on cultivated land.

Optimal coverage and efficient utilization of active ingredients

Low energy consumption; powered by rechargeable battery or on-board supply.

Less weight, less soil compaction, less back strain.

Use our free comparison tool to work out how the Mankar compares to the other sprayer products in terms of ROI. You can select the Mankar product you’d like and compare it to another product. The Flash plug-in is required for this tool. Please download it before proceeding.


Spray hood: oval
Spray width: 15 – 45 cm, adjustable
No. of atomizers: 1
Metering: gravity/metering valve
Tank volume: 1 L
Surface coverage: up to 1 ha
Weight: 2.4 kg
Battery life: 8 h
Article no.: 103688

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Mantis Mankar Roll 110 Flex

No. of atomisers: 2
Metering: wheel-driven pump
Tank volume: 1 litre
Surface coverage: up to 1 ha
Battery life: 8 h
Weight: 24 kg

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Mantis Varimant Two-S 40 Flex

Metering: electric pump
Hitch: 3-point, cat. 1, 2 or 3
Tank volume: 6 litres
Surface coverage: up to 6 ha
Power supply: on-board power supply
No. of atomisers: 2
Spray width: 2 x 25 – 40
Operating width:  130 – 180 cm
Weight: 45 kg

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Mankar products are distributed by Smith Power Equipment through a comprehensive dealer network. Contact us at 2 Lascelles Road, Meadowbrook, Edenvale, Gauteng, South africa. You can also call us on +27 11 284 2000 and email mail@smithpower.co.za.